Learn Spanish from Home during the Quarantine!
Flexible Classes for both kids and adults.

Our stellar bilingual team at Amazing Vacations Costa Rica is offering Spanish lessons and tutoring online for all levels. 
It is such a fun way to connect and learn from the locals here. Get immersed! 

            👉🏼 Class sizes are small. No more than 7 Devices Connected to a Class.
   Only $25 a week for 𝗧𝗛𝗥𝗘𝗘 lessons! ($21 a week if you order 4 weeks at a time)
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What Others are saying about their Experiences
What do you do when you can't work as a Tour Guide?
Our Amazing Guides in Costa Rica love sharing their country and experiences with people every day, whether it's rafting on a river in the jungle, rappelling through a waterfall, showing how chocolate is grown and processed or teaching how to cook amazing Costa Rica cuisine. 

Covid-19 has made things interesting for everyone but rather than be frustrated, our team of bilingual guides in Costa Rica wants to help tutor your family on Spanish. 

How it Works - Two Class Types

Beginners who have had little no experience with Spanish. This is great for anyone age 8 and up and even adults. Each class is 30-45 minutes and you'll receive small group instruction from a native Costa Rican who also speaks English

Intermediate - For those who have had some Spanish but aren't experts. Typically this would be for someone who has had 1-3 years of Spanish classes in school. 

Advanced - Talk to us about pricing options on how to custom tailor this to your needs. 1 on 1 tutoring and conversation or group classes are available. We'll customize to find the best solution for your goals and needs.

Our team finishing a day of canyoning with an dinner with a family and one of the best cooks in Costa Rica!
Leading a group down the Pacuare River in the middle of the Jungle of Costa Rica
" The Teachers have been AMAZING! The've been able to get my kids speaking Spanish right away! 
My kids are loving it! "
Limited Spots Available
About Us:
Amazing Vacations Costa Rica was created in 2018 as a tour company to help plan custom trips for families and groups to Costa Rica. 

With the support of Amazing Vacations USA (A US Travel Agency with team members in Utah and Colorado) they have been able to grow and become one of the premier small group trip planners in Costa Rica. The team specializes in Adventure vacations and custom trips for families and small groups (typically 8-22 people). 

What started as a desire to help an experienced team of guides in Costa Rica has grown into something pretty AMAZING. We never expected to be teaching Spanish, but this allows our team members to continue interacting, teaching and sharing their country with the world!

When you participate in our Spanish training classes you are literally helping us feed families of our AMAZING team members in Costa Rica. 

All of the proceeds from our Spanish tutoring classes will be distributed to our team in Costa Rica. 


A Few FAQ's
Because we are limiting our classes to no more than 7 devices connected to a class, we have a limited number of spots available. Signup now to ensure your kids can have this AMAZING learning opportunity!


When will classes be held?
Classes will be held 3 times a week. Typically we do M-W-F at the same time. As classes fill up we will let you know what is available.

How do you do the classes?
We are currently using zoom for our classes. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer and you can join. 

How many kids can use a device?
We've found that two kids/people per device works best for the interaction. If you have a third child you would like to participate, we ask that you have them join on a second device.

Can parents or adults join?
Yes! We encourage a parent to join and learn along with their kids. There is no additional charge for parents to join with their child. 

How much is it?
We offer a weekly rate of $25 or you can buy a 4 week package for $84 ($21 Avg per week). The price is per device. We allow 2 people join per device. 

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